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Rare Hits Of The 80's Vol. 71 MP3 Torrent

Rare Hits Of The 80's Vol. 71 MP3 Torrent

Here's another mix of weird underground end of music, the un-loved and unknown bands of the garage and wave generation. Punk and cast off rejects of
our musical culture that make all the innovations and inroads and new kinds of music
but get none of the glory or the money.

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01 Bill Bruce - It's Cold Outside
02 T-4-2 - Paper Thin
03 Shadows As Tall As Trees - Care
04 Mixed Feelings - Stand Up High
05 Laugh Clown Laugh - Feel So Young
06 The Affordable Floors - The Sounding
07 Metropolis - See No Reason
08 Spangs - Who Invited You Anyway
09 Log 10 - You're Not There
10 Testcard F - Unfamiliar Room
11 Exotic Birds - No Communication
12 Camera - Replicant
13 N.A. Pop 2000 - Panic In Your Mind
14 Tommy Mandel - Allow Me (To Destroy You)
15 Into The Past - I Stand Still
16 Wonders of Science - Let's Start A Rumour
17 The Metropolitans - Catch A New Wave
18 Prophecy - The Hands Of Time
19 Trigger & The Thrill Kings - Shame
20 Self Control - Electricity
21 Sons And Lovers - The Only One
22 1000 Mexicans - Something For Nothing
23 The Electronic Circus - Direct Lines
24 Post War Nudes - So Now
25 Ahab - Don't Give Up On Us
26 The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person

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Musica Torrent

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