Mar 03, 1996 USA 167 Min. PG

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En la primavera de 1864, en plena guerra de Secesión norteamericana (1861-1865),

33.000 prisioneros de guerra son enviados a Andersonville,

un campo de concentración de Georgia, donde viven hacinados en condiciones infrahumanas.

Doce mil sucumbirán, y los demás lucharán denodadamente por sobrevivir a ese infierno.



Sort of Civil War version of “Schindler’s List” looks at the atrocities that occurred in the 1864

prisoner of war camp run by the Confederacy in Georgia.

The prison originally planned to house 8000, eventually swelled to 33,000 which left little shelter,

food or water for the prisoners and unclean conditions.


The movie Andersonville was one of intense drama.

The historical subject matter made the film all the more pertinent to society today.

Man against Man, Brother against Brother. That is what the Civil War was, and Andersonville was its worst. Men treating other men like animals and game for sport.

The utter despair. The terrible suffering.

Andersonville is set during the Civil War, in the south,

in a Prisoner Of War camp run by the Confederate Army.

The story depicts the conditions of suffering that the Union soldiers endured while held captive.

The best and the worst of humanity is shown in this film as the viewer is shown all ends of the spectrum of pain and suffering.

Peter Murnik’s character, Limber Jim, was the voice of conscience in this film.

Jim was the one who finally stood up to the injustice that other Union soldiers were enacting against their fellows.

It was Jim who rallied the troops to a riot to stop the “Raiders” from continuing their carnage. Not a single ‘Peter’ scene went by without the viewer sensing the intensity.

He portrayed it in his face, in his demeanor and most of all, in his eyes. In this film, Peter said so much without uttering a word.

The look he gave in his eyes told the viewer the intensity of his feelings. His determination.

His desire to see the wrongs righted. In a sense, Limber Jim was one of the saviours of this film.

His standing up to the injustice he witnessed and lived through, enabled his fellow prisoners to also rise up and change the world around them, as small as it was.

Titulo Original Andersonville
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Frederic Forrest isSgt. McSpadden
Sgt. McSpadden
Jarrod Emick isJosiah Day
Josiah Day
Cliff DeYoung isSgt. John Gleason
Sgt. John Gleason
William H. Macy isCol. Chandler
Col. Chandler
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