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Capitana Marvel

Capitana Marvel

Mar 06, 2019 USA 124 Min. PG-13

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Capitana Marvel

La historia sigue a Carol Danvers

Mientras ella se convierte en uno de los héroes más poderosos del universo,

cuando la Tierra se encuentre atrapada en medio de una guerra galáctica entre dos razas alienígenas.

Situada en los años 90,

Captain Marvel es una historia nueva de un período de tiempo nunca antes visto en la historia del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel.

In 1995, on the Kree Empire’s capital planet of Hala, warrior and Starforce member Vers suffers from recurring nightmares involving an older woman.

Yon-Rogg, her mentor and commander,

warns her to control her abilities while the Supreme Intelligence,

an organic artificial intelligence who acts as the ruler of the Kree, urges her to keep her emotions in check.

While working with official Ronan the Accuser to rescue an undercover spy,

Vers is abducted and subjected to a memory probe by a group of Skrulls,

alien shapeshifters with whom the Kree Empire is at war. V

ers escapes and, after leaving the Skrulls’ ship in an escape pod, crash lands on Earth.

Her presence attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson,

whose investigation is interrupted by a Skrull attack. In the ensuing chase, Vers recovers a crystal containing her memories and Fury kills a Skrull impersonating Coulson.

Fury later meets and agrees to work with Vers while Skrull commander Talos disguises himself as S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Keller.

Using Fury’s security clearance, Vers learns she was a pilot who is presumed to have died six years earlier while testing an experimental light-speed engine designed by scientist Wendy Lawson, who she recognizes as the woman from her nightmares.

The two escape after “Keller” confronts them, with Lawson’s cat Goose stowing away, and pilot a small cargo jet to Louisiana. A meeting with felllow pilot Maria Rambeau and her young daughter Monica reveals Vers’ real name is Carol Danvers.

Talos, who had tracked her, arrives and asks to speak.

Using the black-box recorder of Lawson’s crashed plane,

Danvers learns an alien spaceship had shot it down – and she now remembers Yon-Rogg killing Lawson, as well as Lawson’s warning that the experimental engine’s energy-core had to be destroyed to keep it from the wrong hands. Vers shot it and was caught in an ensuing explosion, with her body absorbing the energy.

Yon-Rogg brought the amnesiac “Vers” – the remaining portion of “Danvers” on her broken dog tag – to Hala.

Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Capitana Marvel
Titulo Original Captain Marvel
IMDb Rating 7.1 160,211 Votos
TMDb Rating 7.3 Votos
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Ryan Fleck


Brie Larson isCarol Danvers / Vers / Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers / Vers / Captain Marvel
Jude Law isYon-Rogg
Ben Mendelsohn isTalos / Keller
Talos / Keller
Annette Bening isSupreme Intelligence / Dr. Wendy Lawson / Mar-Vell
Supreme Intelligence / Dr. Wendy Lawson / Mar-Vell
Lashana Lynch isMaria Rambeau
Maria Rambeau
Gemma Chan isMinn-Erva
Clark Gregg isPhil Coulson
Phil Coulson
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