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Eliminado 2

Eliminado 2

Jul 19, 2018 USA 92 Min. R

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Eliminado 2

Un adolescente adquiere una laptop nueva y

pronto descubre que el propietario anterior no solo le está mirando,

sino que también hará lo que sea para recuperarla.

Dark Web

Using a laptop he secretly stole from a cybercafé’s lost and found,

Matias O’Brien communicates with his hearing impaired girlfriend Amaya DeSoto over a Facebook call.

Matias shows Amaya the progress he made with his software program ‘Papaya,’

which translates speech into ASL videos. However,

Amaya remains disappointed that Matias spent time on a shortcut instead of directly learning sign language to speak with her properly.

The call drops and Matias is unable to get Amaya back.

Matias participates in a webcam game night with his friends Damon Horton, AJ Williams, Lexx Putri, Serena Lange, and Serena’s girlfriend Nari Jemisin, all of whom are in different locations.

While the six friends remotely play Cards Against Humanity, Matias works on reconnecting with Amaya as well as dismissing repeated messages sent to a Facebook account registered to ‘Norah C. IV.’

To everyone’s delight, Serena and Nari announce that they got engaged. The news is tempered by the revelation that Serena’s mother is still in the hospital suffering from cancer.

With Matias’ laptop plagued by persistent technical problems, Damon recommends scanning the hard drive for hidden files. Matias finds a massive archive of videos collected from various surveillance cameras and hacked webcams organized by address.

Amaya finally calls back. She and Matias discuss their communication issues.

Facebook user ‘Erica Dunne’ sends repeated messages to the Norah C. IV Facebook account until Matias finally responds.

The person on the other end reveals that he is not actually Erica Dunne, but the man whose laptop Matias stole. Matias ultimately confesses that he stole the computer and tells the man he will return it to where he found it.

Before the laptop can shut down, Matias receives a message from ‘Charon 68’ asking to discuss a custom job in a secret online location called ‘The River.’ Matias looks up ‘Charon’ to discover he was the mythological ferryman of Hades who escorted the dead across the river Styx.

As the other friends finally see what is happening on Matias’ screen, Matias admits that he stole the laptop because he wanted a better computer to complete his Papaya program.

Matias realizes he stole the computer from ‘Charon 4,’ as ‘Norah C. IV’ spells his name backwards. Matias also discovers that Charon 4 has a cryptocurrency account containing ten million dollars in bitcoin.

Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Eliminado 2
Titulo Original Unfriended: Dark Web
IMDb Rating 5.8 9,966 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.1 Votos
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Colin Woodell isMatias O'
Matias O'
Betty Gabriel isNari Jemisin
Nari Jemisin
Andrew Lees isDamon Horton
Damon Horton
Connor Del Rio isAj Williams
Aj Williams
Stephanie Nogueras isAmaya DeSoto
Amaya DeSoto
Savira Windyani isLexx Putri
Lexx Putri
Alexa Mansour isErica Dunne
Erica Dunne
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