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En defensa propia

En defensa propia

Por algunas cosas vale la pena luchar. Sep 25, 2014 USA 95 Min. R

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En defensa propia

Por algunas cosas vale la pena luchar

En una zona rural de Carolina del Sur y durante los últimos días de la Guerra Civil Americana, Augusta, su hermana adolescente Louise, y su joven esclava Mad, se han quedado solas para cuidar la granja de la familia. Con todos los hombres de la casa alejados hace tiempo debido a la guerra y ahora, presuntamente desaparecidos o muertos, las tres mujeres temen sobre su futuro en soledad. Pero lo que no saben es que el peligro está más cerca de lo que se imaginan.

The Keeping Room 

Left without men in the dying days of the American Civil War, three Southern women – two sisters and one African-American slave – must fight to defend their home and themselves from two rogue soldiers who have broken off from the fast-approaching Union Army.


Mind you, I love US Civil War movies, I guess I have seen them all and devoured tons of books,

so each new entry is a welcoming sign to me, but this one flopped most miserably and made me yawn,

scratch my head in utter disbelief and question myself –

what the heck have I just seen and why on earth have I wasted so much time perusing this awful, slow,

mind-numbing, thoughts-killing,

time-wasting monster of a lowest and slowest tempo ever conceived by a filmmaker.

Wait, isn’t that about Civil War?

Nope, in fact, more of a gloomy thriller about women survival in their fight against evil Union pillagers.

It is well shot, the nature is hauntingly mesmerizing in the Deep South,

but sulk, slow tempo and shockingly predictable plot kills all the good things in the bud, covering all with the utmost pathos and familiar twists.

The dialogs? Ah, almost none, more of weeping, stairs screeching, gun shooting and faces pulling. Dud, duh, pass it by

En defensa propia
En defensa propia
En defensa propia
En defensa propia
Titulo Original The Keeping Room
IMDb Rating 6.0 5,418 Votos
TMDb Rating 5.5 Votos
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