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Feliz día de tu muerte

Feliz día de tu muerte

¿Cómo vas a morir? Oct 12, 2017 USA 96 Min. PG-13

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Feliz día de tu muerte

Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) es una estudiante universitaria que debe revivir el día de su asesinato una y otra vez.

Este bucle infinito solo terminará cuando la joven descubra la identidad de su asesino.

Thriller en el que una estudiante universitaria (Jessica Rothe) reconstruye el día de su asesinato reviviendo tanto los detalles cotidianos como su aterrador final hasta descubrir la identidad de su asesino.

a película cuenta la historia de la joven Tree en el peor día de su vida.

Una mañana de resaca despierta en la residencia de un compañero de Universidad,

corriendo se viste y se dirige a su dormitorio para hablar con sus compañeras y comenzar a celebrar su cumpleaños.

En la fiesta de esa misma noche es atacada y aparentemente asesinada, pero ese momento es interrumpido por el comienzo de un nuevo día.

Happy Death Day

Feliz día de tu muerte

The film opens as the bell tolls at Bayfield University on Monday the 18th. Teresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) wakes up hungover on her birthday in the dorm room of schoolmate Carter Davis (Israel Broussard). She ignores a phone call from her father. After asking for Tylenol, Tree starts to head out and sees Carter’s roommate Ryan (Phi Vu) coming in and asking if he slept with her, to her disgust and Carter’s embarrassment.

On her way to her own room, Tree runs into a guy she went out with named Tim (Caleb Spillyards). He asks Tree why she hasn’t answered his texts, and she says because their one date involved them going to Subway and it made her miserable. Tree goes to her room and sees her roommate Lori Spengler (Ruby Modine). Tree realizes she is late for class and frantically gets ready. Lori then presents her with a cupcake she baked for Tree. Tree blows out the candle and dumps the cupcake in the trash because of the carbs.

Tree goes to her class and later meets with her professor, Gregory Butler (Charles Aitken). The two are having an affair despite Gregory being married. His wife Stephanie (Laura Clifton) is at the door after Tree kept it budged.

Tree joins her sorority sisters during lunch for a meeting regarding a spring dance. The head sister, Danielle Bouseman (Rachel Matthews), chastises another sister, Becky (Cariella Smith), for bringing junk food to eat. Becky gets up to leave and bumps into Carter, causing Becky to spill her food all over Tree. Carter tries to return Tree some jewelry she left behind, but Tree pulls him aside to keep hiding the fact that she slept in his room.

Feliz día de tu muerte
Feliz día de tu muerte
Feliz día de tu muerte
Feliz día de tu muerte
Feliz día de tu muerte
Feliz día de tu muerte
Feliz día de tu muerte
Titulo Original Happy Death Day
IMDb Rating 6.5 78,804 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.6 Votos
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Jessica Rothe isTree Gelbman
Tree Gelbman
Israel Broussard isCarter Davis
Carter Davis
Ruby Modine isLori Spengler
Lori Spengler
Charles Aitken isGregory Butler
Gregory Butler
Jason Bayle isDavid Gelbman
David Gelbman
Rob Mello isJohn Tombs
John Tombs
Rachel Matthews isDanielle Bouseman
Danielle Bouseman
Phi Vu isRyan Phan
Ryan Phan
Laura Clifton isStephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler
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