Fin del mundo (Infierno nuclear)

Fin del mundo (Infierno nuclear)

Mar 24, 2011 Canada 95 Min. PG

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Fin del mundo

(Infierno nuclear)

Cuando el sol se convierte en una magnetoestrella durante un corto tiempo,

el planeta Mercurio es arrojado fuera de la órbita (junto con una nave espacial que lo estaba explorando)

y se situa en curso de colisión con la Tierra.

¿Puede un científico caído en desgracia lograr utilizar su sistema de armas Proyecto 7, para salvar nuestro planeta?


Collision Earth

When the sun converts to a magnetar for a short time,

the planet Mercury is thrown out of orbit (along with a spaceship exploring it)

and set on a collision course for Earth.

Can a disgraced scientist manage to use his failed weapon system,

Project 7, to save our planet?

Because its a made for TV movie on a much smaller budget than the usual Hollywood fare I always try to look for the small positives than pick out the disappointing negatives…but this was a difficult one to judge.

The plot is pretty thin and most definitely not based on any science or engineering that comes close to real world truths. At best it can be described as ‘fanciful’, though its often closer to ludicrous as Mercury somehow gets forced out its orbit on a collision course with earth – a variation on the old asteroid theme I suppose so nice to think the writers at least tried even if the final result was less than perfect.

What didn’t ring so well was the old cliché of the disgraced/renegade scientist being the anti-hero of the plot. Even the squeezing in of his Astronaut wife who by pure coincidence is on a spaceship journeying to the doomed Mercury isn’t enough to distract from this oldest and most annoying of SyFy/Disaster characters.

Fin del mundo (Infierno nuclear)
Fin del mundo (Infierno nuclear)
Fin del mundo (Infierno nuclear)
Titulo Original Collision Earth
IMDb Rating 3.5 1,190 Votos
TMDb Rating 5.3 Votos
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