Hot Dog

Hot Dog

Jan 18, 2018 Germany 100 Min. PG

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Hot Dog

Luke y Theo son dos agentes de la GSG10 (cuerpo de élite alemán):

el primero, un tipo duro y listo y,

el segundo, un currante incansable con una extraña memoria fotográfica.

Cuando la hija del embajador Moldavo es secuestrada, los dos tienen que unir fuerzas,

y descubren que lo sucedido es solo la punta del iceberg de una peligrosa trama…

Un cerebro, dos policías.


A pair of Tactical Units Police Officers from different walks of life come together to rescue an ambassador’s daughter.

Hot Dog

Two of Germanys biggest movie stars in one buddy-cop movie…

Hm, sounds like gold, doesn’t it? Well, here everyone on this picture did everything wrong.

Start with an uninspired script which wants to be a comedy but clearly isn’t.

Hardly anyone laughed in the theater (including me).

Audience of roughly 20 people on the opening eve.

Til Schweiger plays the bad and tough cop and Matthias Schweighöfer plays the dumb or silly or the cop who doesn’t even know why he is in the film the first time.

There is just an overkill of product placement grossly placed,

like Mercedes, McDonald and many more, which make no sense either.

I don’t want to bore or spoil you with the storyline – any high school kid could have written this one. Avoid at all cost.

Un par de oficiales de policía de unidades tácticas de diferentes ámbitos de la vida se unen para rescatar a la hija de un embajador.


Hot Dog
Hot Dog
Hot Dog
Hot Dog
Titulo Original Hot Dog
IMDb Rating 3.3 731 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.1 Votos
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Anne Schäfer isNicki Kasulke
Nicki Kasulke
Lisa Tomaschewsky isMascha Butkin
Mascha Butkin
Tim Wilde isReiners
Samuel Finzi isFescu / Snake
Fescu / Snake
Heino Ferch isArno Hedmann
Arno Hedmann
David Brückner isDrogen-Laborant
Paula Paul isInnenministerin
André Hennicke isTheos Vater
Theos Vater
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