Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente

Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente

Nov 22, 2018 USA 104 Min. PG-13

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Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente

Una cajera de unas grandes superficies decide cambiar su vida radicalmente,

poner todo patas arriba y cambiar las cosas por completo.

Demostrando así que la inteligencia callejera es tan valiosa como un título universitario.

Second Act

Maya Vargas (Jennifer Lopez) is about to turn age 40.

She lives in Queens,

New York

Is an assistant manager at a value grocery store where she’s worked for the last 15 years

and implemented successful ideas,

like the “Monday Momz” program.

Her boyfriend Trey (Milo Ventimiglia) and best friend Joan (Leah Remini)

are sure she’s finally going to get the manager position,

so she’s incredibly disappointed when she arrives and finds that an outside manager,

Arthur (Dan Bucatinsky) has been hired instead.

Because Maya never went to college, she just can’t be considered for the position.

At Maya’s surprise 40th birthday party, she’s disappointed that her life didn’t turn out to be more.

She expresses to Joan and her godson, Joan’s son Dilly (Dalton Harrod)

that her birthday wish would be to have gone to a fancy school and done so many exciting things with her life.

Later, at work, Arthur is driving Maya and the other employees crazy when Joan tells Maya she has received an interview for a job at the conglomerate Franklin and Clarke – Dilly,

a computer genius who is soon going to Stanford, has set up resumes and interviews for her as a birthday present.

Annoyed with Arthur, she takes the interview but is shocked when she gets sent up to the top floor to meet with Anderson Clarke (Treat Williams) himself.

He is extremely impressed by her resume – which includes Harvard, Wharton, philanthropy, and the peace corps. Flabbergasted,

Maya goes along with it. He’s interested in having her consult for them and brings in his daughter Zoe (Vanessa Hudgens). His VP. Zoey is cold to Maya,

and when Anderson asks Maya for her real thoughts on some of their product lines, she gives them some real talk about their beauty products, which were not as successful as they wanted – which ruffles Zoe’s feathers.

Maya finds out she’s been hired for the consulting job, but she at first can’t imagine saying yes. Joan tells her she got the interview on a lie but got hired because of herself. When Arthur begins being difficult once again, she triumphantly quits.

Trey is concerned about her going in because of the lie, but Maya decides she needs to do it.

 has wanted a family for a long time, and Maya seems uneasy and unwilling every time he brings it up, but won’t say why.

 says they want different things and breaks up with her.

Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Jennifer lopez Jefa por accidente
Titulo Original Second Act
IMDb Rating 6.0 3,455 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.6 Votos
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