La maldición de la bruja del sueño

La maldición de la bruja del sueño

Aug 16, 2018 USA 85 Min. TV-14

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La maldición de la bruja del sueño

Una pesadilla asola a varios supervivientes de ataques de tiburones.

En sus sueño, un terrorífico escualo fantasma,

les persigue para acabar lo que los animales reales empezaron.

Un grupo de supervivientes a un ataque de tiburón son perseguidos en sueños por un tiburón sobrenatural.

Nightmare Shark

Survivors of previous shark attacks are hunted by a supernatural shark in their dreams

SyFy Shark Week meets Nightmare On Elm Street? Yep! Characters from past SyFy shark movie efforts? Yep!

The idea here is great, and to anyone who thinks “preposterous” …

really, it’s not any goofier having a shape-shifting burnt man invading dreams than it is to have a shark doing it, when you really think about it.

“Nightmare Shark” clears the low-expectation, high-reward hurdles easily and is one of the more memorable Sy-Fyish shark films.

While it falls flat in a few spots, it recovers very well, and even manages a few genuinely suspenseful and unsettling scenes. While this one could have run on the idea alone, there seems to have been some effort and thought invested into it anyway. Really, it’s almost a vulgar display of clever for the Sy Fy Network, who were able to make low-brow considerably less low-brow than … well, everyone kind of expects.

I gave this 6.5/10, and I sincerely hope that this one gets franchised by the network. Also, I hope they throw a “Nightmare Shark” franchise down the same silly holes as the original “Nightmare” series eventually went through.

Overall, “Nightmare Shark” exceeded expectations, with the B-shark idea since “Sharknado”.

La maldición de la bruja del sueño
Titulo Original Nightmare Shark
IMDb Rating 3.9 115 Votos
TMDb Rating 3 Votos
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