Las novias de Drácula

Las novias de Drácula

Jan 01, 1960 UK 85 Min. Unrated

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Las novias de Drácula

Después de que el joven barón Meinster sufra la mordedura del conde

para impedir que actúe como un vampiro, su madre decide confinarlo en sus habitaciones.

The Brides of Dracula 


“Transylvania…land of dark forests, dread mountains, and black unfathomed lakes.

Still the home of magic and devilry as the 19th C draws to its close.

Count Dracula, monarch of all vampires, is dead,

but his disciples live on to spread the cult and corrupt the world.”

Marianne Danielle [Yvonne Monlaur] is a student teacher on her way from Paris to the Lady’s Academy at Bachstadt.

When the coach makes an unexpected stop before reaching the Academy

and then leaves without Mlle Danielle while she is getting a meal at the local inn,

she is forced to secure lodging for the night.

Unfortunately, the inn is full. That is, until the Baroness von Meinster [Martita Hunt] appears and offers lodging for the night at her castle.

Suddenly, the innkeeper has a room, but Marianne decides to take up the Baroness’s hospitality and goes to the castle.

As she prepares herself for dinner, Marianne looks out the balcony window and sees a young man on the balcony below.

Thinking that the baroness, the servant Greta [Freda Jackson], and herself are the only ones at the castle, she wonders who the young (and handsome) man might be.

The baroness confesses that it is her son, the Baron von Meinster [David Peel], who is suffering from an undisclosed illness.

Later, as Marianne prepares to sleep, she again looks out the window and sees the young man, this time walking on the ledge of his balcony.

Certain that he is about to jump to his death, she calls out to him.

She runs downstairs to his room and learns that he could not be contemplating a jump for he is imprisoned in his room by an anklechain.

Horrified, Marianne rifles through the baroness’s desk in search of the key, which she tosses to the baron.

The next morning, Marianne is found lying in the forest by Dr van Helsing [Peter Cushing] who accompanies her to the school, even vouching for her when the schoolmaster accuses her of being tardy.

On the way, however, they first stop at the inn where a young girl is lying in state with two piercing wounds on her neck.

Ever the quintessial vampire hunter, Dr van Helsing immediately recognizes the nature of the bites and realizes that Marianne is also in jeopardy.

While Marianne is being shown around by student teacher Gina [Andree Melly],

van Helsing returns to the inn where he finds the local priest and the father of the dead girl arguing over her burial in the churchyard.

That night, van Helsing watches over the dead girl’s grave.

He finds Greta lying on it, calling to her. The dead girl works her way to the surface but, before van Helsing can stake her, she changes into a bat and escapes.

Van Helsing pays a visit to the castle, hoping to encounter the baron, but instead he faces the baroness, now a vampire, thanks to her loving son.

To release her, van Helsing drives a stake through her heart.

Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Las novias de Drácula
Titulo Original The Brides of Dracula
IMDb Rating 6.8 5,790 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.6 Votos
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Peter Cushing isDr. J. Van Helsing
Dr. J. Van Helsing
Yvonne Monlaur isMarianne Danielle
Marianne Danielle
David Peel isBaron Meinster
Baron Meinster
Martita Hunt isBaroness Meinster
Baroness Meinster
Vera Cook isLandlord'
Fred Johnson isThe Cure
The Cure
Henry Oscar isHerr Otto Lang
Herr Otto Lang
Mona Washbourne isFrau Helga Lang
Frau Helga Lang
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