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Matar o morir

Matar o morir

El sistema falló. Ella no lo hará. Sep 06, 2018 Hong Kong 101 Min. R

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Matar o morir


L Riley North (Jennifer Garner) despierta de un coma y se entera de que su marido

y su hija han sido brutalmente asesinados.

Cuando años después el sistema que debe juzgar a los asesinos demuestra su fracaso,

Riley decide tomarse la justicia por su mano.


The film Peppermint

opens with what appears to be a struggle happening in a car.

Riley North (Jennifer Garner) is fighting a gangster who slashes her leg with his knife.

She gains the upper hand and holds a gun under his chin.

Riley asks if he remembers her, but he simply responds with a defiant “Fuck you!”

before Riley blows his brains out.

Riley goes to an impoverished neighborhood where she hides out.

She enters her van where she tends to her leg wound and has a drink.

Goes through her belongings, and out falls a box of girl scout cookies.

Matar o morir Five years earlier…..

Riley is seen with her daughter Carly (Cailey Fleming) after getting into an argument with another girl scout’s mother,

Peg (Pell James), who complains to Riley that they were selling on their turf.

Later, Riley and Carly stop to visit Riley’s husband/Carly’s father Chris (Jeff Hephner), who, unbeknownst to Riley,

is arranging some kind of shady deal with his co-worker Mickey (Chris Johnson).

Riley then goes to work at her bank and is told to close even though it’s Carly’s birthday.

She goes home for Carly’s birthday party, only to find her and Chris disappointed because nobody showed up thanks to Peg,

who spitefully threw a holiday party and invited all the other kids, but left a voicemail just to taunt Riley and Carly.

Shee decides not to let Carly stay sad, so she suggests they all go to the Christmas carnival.

As they head out, Chris calls Mickey to tell him he’s backing out of the deal.

The family leaves, and they are watched by a gangbanger. He calls his boss, cartel leader Diego Garcia (Juan Pablo Raba).

Garcia is in the middle of torturing Mickey, who was apparently trying to steal from Garcia with Chris’s help. Garcia orders his guy to follow Chris right before he decapitates Mickey.

The Norths enjoy their evening at the carnival and end the night with ice cream.

As Chris and Carly walk back toward the car, three gangbangers drive up by them and shoot them.

Gets shot as well, but she manages to make it to the bodies of her husband and daughter.

Riley wakes up in the hospital and meets with Detective Stan Carmichael (John Gallagher Jr).

He tells Riley that the suspects have been apprehended,

and he gives Riley the photo booth pictures she took with Chris and Carly.

Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Matar o morir
Titulo Original Peppermint
IMDb Rating 6.5 25,983 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.4 Votos
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Pierre Morel


Jennifer Garner isRiley North
Riley North
John Gallagher Jr. isDetective Stan Carmichael
Detective Stan Carmichael
John Ortiz isDetective Moises Beltran
Detective Moises Beltran
Juan Pablo Raba isDiego Garcia
Diego Garcia
Annie Ilonzeh isFBI Agent Lisa Inman
FBI Agent Lisa Inman
Jeff Hephner isChris North
Chris North
Cailey Fleming isCarly North
Carly North
Eddie Shin isFBI Agent Li
FBI Agent Li
Method Man isNarcotics Detective Barker
Narcotics Detective Barker
Tyson Ritter isHomeless Sam
Homeless Sam
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