Jul 12, 2018 Australia 120 Min. R

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El film se centra en un grupo de civiles que ven como su pequeño pueblo en Australia es aniquilado por un abrumador ataque aéreo.

El grupo se encuentra ahora entre los últimos supervivientes de una invasión extraterrestre a escala global.

A medida que la humanidad cae bajo el ataque,

formarán un pequeño ejército local para luchar contra las muy superiores fuerzas enemigas.

En la vanguardia de la batalla por la Tierra, son nuestra última esperanza.




After their small Australian country town is annihilated by an overwhelming airborne attack,

a group of civilians evade capture and discover they are now among the last remaining survivors of an extraterrestrial invasion engulfing the entire planet.

As humanity falls under world-wide occupation,

they form a home-grown army to fight back against vastly superior enemy forces.

On the front lines of the battle for Earth, they are our last hope


When Jackson wakes up Matt by throwing a bucket of water at him,

Matt soon removes a patch from his forehead, no visible wound on his head.

For the rest of the movie, though, there is a prominent cut on Matt’s forehead, where the patch was,


This is my very first review, simply because this movie is bad and on IMDb it is seen as okay with an 6.6 average. The movie is simply not worth that 6.6 if you go deeper into the demographics you can also see huge spikes around the high grades.. It is not fair, do we really need to rely on metacritics because people abuse a system?

If you look at their reviews by the way.. All proud to rival hollywood in terms of sci fi because of the budget, does that mean the whole movie diserves a 8/10? Is the COMPLETE package there?! Or are they just making a “statement” while people expect an enjoyable film they see this crap? It is not fair to be honest.


Titulo Original Occupation
IMDb Rating 5.4 8,220 Votos
TMDb Rating 4.4 Votos
¿Cual es el Problema?


Luke Sparke


Dan Ewing isMatt Simmons
Matt Simmons
Temuera Morrison isPeter Bartlett
Peter Bartlett
Stephanie Jacobsen isAmelia Chambers
Amelia Chambers
Jacqueline McKenzie isColonel Grant
Colonel Grant
Bruce Spence isAlien Leader
Alien Leader
Trystan Go isMarcus Chambers
Marcus Chambers
Izzy Stevens isBella Bartlett
Bella Bartlett
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