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Uno más de la familia

Uno más de la familia

Jan 10, 2019 USA 95 Min. PG

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Uno más de la familia

Narra la aventura de Bella,

una perra que se embarca en un viaje de 400 millas para volver a su casa después de ser separada de su dueño

A Dog’s Way Home

Placed in Denver, Colorado,

a pit bull mother and litter of puppies live in an abandoned home with stray cats.

One day an animal control team comes and takes the kittens,



and mother pit bull away, missing the pit bull puppy and a “Mother Cat” who adopts her.

Time goes on and the puppy grows;

a young man named Lucas from the neighbor takes the role of feeding the strays and decides to take the cute puppy home.

His veteran mother, who is traumatized by war has difficulty coping with everyday life and has difficulty keeping a job, agrees to keep the puppy.

He names her Bella, and they develop a strong friendship of man and dog.

Months pass and Bella grows into a beautiful dog.

Then, a notice from the homeowner announcing his home visit

(who disapproves of pets)

prompts both the mother and Lucas to sneak Bella into his work at a veterans center.

Bella doesn’t like being confined into the janitor’s closet and barks for attention and discovered by nearby workers and other veterans.

A veteran who holds therapy meetings takes her to his group meeting where Bella comforts the aching veterans.

The group ends up adopting her and Bella “volunteers” as a therapy dog, unbeknownst to the doctor who heads the VA center.

One day, the owner of the abandoned home has a permit to demolish the house; Lucas intervenes.

The man notices Bella and warns him that pit bulls are illegal in Denver, and he threatens them that animal control will come to pick up Bella if “she ever steps out on the street”.

Lucas trains Bella to “Go Home”, a game devised so that Bella runs home if she ever encounters the animal control.

While on a walk, the officer impounds Bella, and Lucas is forced to send her away to a friend’s relative home in New Mexico while he and his mother relocate to a nearby city that has no rules against pit bulls.

Bella can’t adjust to her new home and misses Lucas.

The day before Lucas comes to pick up Bella, the family friend asks if she’s excited to “Go Home”.

She thinks this is a game and runs out the back yard into the New Mexico wilderness.

Now Bella is lost in the forest and discovers a dead cougar.

Hides when she hears hunters come to collect their “trophy”,

and hears whimpers by a cougar cub. Bella adopts the cub and calls her Big Kitten, as her Mother Cat raised in the abandoned home.

In the wild, she raises Big Kitten until an avalanche separates them.

Bella survives the avalanche and tries to save a man who was buried.

A rescue team saves and transports the man to a hospital and the man’s dog and Bella are fostered by some bystanders. Eventually,

the two men adopt the other dog, and Bella goes back to the wilderness to find Big Kitten, but a homeless man takes Bella and feeds and clothes her.

Sometime later, the man dies from the cold and Bella can’t escape the chain. A couple of boys passing by releases Bella and she is reunited with Big Kitten, now a full-grown cougar.

Uno más de la familia
Uno más de la familia
Uno más de la familia
Titulo Original A Dog's Way Home
IMDb Rating 6.5 2,624 Votos
TMDb Rating 6.8 Votos
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