Amor ocasional

Amor ocasional

Dec 07, 2018

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Amor ocasional

Serie de TV. 8 episodios.

Narra las peripecias sentimentales de un grupo de amigas de París.

Charlotte y Emilie contratan a un acompañante masculino con la esperanza de que Elsa,

la eterna soltera, encuentre el amor y recupere la confianza en sí misma.

Plan Cœur

When Parisian Elsa gets hung up on her ex, her best friends secretly hire a male escort to help her move on.
 But their plan works a little too well.
When romantically challenged Elsa hits it off with the dreamy Jules, she can’t believe her luck.
Little does she know, it’s all part of a plan…
Two years after a breakup, Elsa is still obsessed with her ex. But when she meets dreamy schoolteacher Jules,
her outlook on life begins to change.
After learning the truth, Milou tries to steer Elsa away from Jules, while Charlotte ups the ante by orchestrating a magical second date.
Elsa comes unglued when she discovers her friends have been hiding big news from her.
Plan Coeur
Milou has a change of heart about Charlotte’s scheme.
Elsa navigates a dizzying swirl of emotions after her night with Jules.
Matthieu makes a confession. Antoine springs a surprise on Milou.
Simmering tensions, unexpected guests and romantic rivalries lead to mayhem at Elsa’s 30th birthday party.

Amor ocasional

 sigue a Elsa,

una mujer que lleva mucho tiempo soltera y que se cuestiona continuamente por qué no es capaz de encontrar a su media naranja.

Para animarla y acabar con su vida solitaria, sus tres amigos contratan a un chico para aconsejarla en temas sentimentales.

Amor ocasional
Titulo Original Plan Cœur
Fecha Primera Emision Dec 07, 2018
Fecha Ultima Emision Dec 07, 2018
Temporadas 1
Episodios 8
Duracion 30m

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